Homemade lime pickle



Lime pickle is one of my favorite pickles along with the Gujarati sweet mango chunda pickle. It is a perfect accompaniment to simple meals like rice and dal (lentil curry). This lime pickle is tangy,a little spicy and sweet, along with adding flavor to a meal, it also aids in digestion. Continue reading →

Hot and sweet red kidney beans


Red kidney beans , known as Rajma in Hindi , has a popular place in the North Indian cuisine as Rajma chawal. I wanted to try something different from the regular Rajma chawal, searched the web for some interesting recipes . I came across this hot and sweet Kidney beans recipe by Simply Reem, and it looked very appetizing . The most appealing thing about this dish is its flavour profile , the two flavours ‘hot’ & ‘ sweet’ which are the kind of flavours I prefer in my food, some sweetness with a little heat. Continue reading →

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