Mackerel croquettes


Croquettes and kebabs top my list when it comes to appetizers/finger foods. Like these mackerel croquettes which I happen to love a lot! Unfortunately we do no get good, fresh mackerels here unlike we do in Mumbai and Goa. So whenever I crave for these, I make do with the canned mackerels. So I always have a can or two in my pantry. I, sometimes also make these fish croquettes with fresh salmon/ tuna. Those are delicious as well.

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Crab Xéc Xéc


Crab Xéc Xéc is a very fragrant and scrumptious Goan curry. Crabs are cooked in a roasted spices and coconut paste based curry. The roasting of all the ingredients for the masala paste is what elevates the flavor of this curry and takes it to a whole new level. The resultant dish is a finger licking good curry with sweet and delicious crabs. Continue reading →

Ambotik ( Hot and tangy Goan fish curry)


Ambotik is actually two words, ambot which means tangy & tik which means spicy in Konkani. So as the name suggests, its a tangy and hot curry, made mostly using fish, shrimps or even calamari. A popular fish of choice for this curry is shark fish. The spice of this curry is well balanced with the tamarind and vinegar which forms the basis for the sour component. Unlike most Goan curries, this doesn’t use coconut at all. So it’s a great option to prepare this if you run out of freshly grated coconut and still want to cook up a delicious Goan meal! It’s best served with Goan boiled rice/ regular steamed rice , sannas ( Goan steamed rice cakes) or even pao ( Goan dinner rolls). Continue reading →

Hubhechem sukhem ( Clams in a semi coconut gravy)


Hubhe means clams in Konkani, and sukkem means dry. These kind of clams don’t have much ridges on it’s shell and are more polished. In this dish, clams  are cooked in a coconut based semi gravy, infused with very few spices, letting the flavor of the clams itself  stand out. Continue reading →

Goan Recheado masala


Recheado masala, is a very popular Goan condiment. It is fiery and tangy, mostly used as a stuffing for mackerels, and other sea food. This paste is so versatile, it can also be used for marinating chicken,  and so many other dishes, You can check my post on Goan style calamari,where I’ve used recheado masala paste for the preparation of this dish. This can also be used as a marinade for chicken , prawns or even Paneer. Continue reading →

Shrimp/Prawn Potato chops


Potato chops are savory potato patty stuffed with seasoned meat.These are served as appetizers or even as side to a main course in most Goan weddings, parties and festivities. Minced beef is usually the filling of choice when it comes to potato chops, but you can use any other fillings of choice too, such as chicken , shrimps/ prawns etc . For a vegetarian version, the filling can be made of soya or mixed vegetables, there are tonnes of options to customize it as per your taste. The potato stuffed patty is then dipped in beaten egg and coated with semolina, for a crisp exterior and then fried. Instead of semolina , I used whole wheat Japanese panko breadcrumbs, I love it’s light and crunchy coating, also it tends to stay crispier for a longer time! Continue reading →

Bendem ani sungtam kodi (Goan Okra and shrimp curry)

Bendem is okra/lady finger, sungtam is prawns/shrimps and kodi is curry in the Konkani language. This  is a simple, delicious and mildly spiced curry, consisting of fresh coconut and aromatic spices, well balanced with the sourness from the tamarind. The addition of okra not only adds a textural element to this dish, but also adds an amazing subtle flavor that cannot be missed ! And the shrimps, so juicy and succulent, after absorbing all those beautiful aromatics! Simply yummmm! If you love okra, then do try out this simple and quick recipe! It’s best paired with Goan red boiled rice, which is supposed to be healthier than the normal white rice, as the red rice is not processed, keeping all the nutrients intact. However, regular rice and bread are great accompaniments too!

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