Mix veggie besan chilla ( savory chickpea flour crepes)


Hello folks! How is everyone doing? It’s been a while since I posted something. My in laws have returned to India, and I haven’t really been cooking a lot, simply because I have been so lazy. Blame all the over pampering, huh? To top it all of, the hubby is out on an official trip for couple of weeks as well!! Continue reading →

Goan chole ( chickpea) xacuti

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Xacuti– derived from the Portuguese word Chacuti, is a very fragrant and mildly spiced Goan curry . Chicken, meat or fish are mostly used in this gravy, but today I’m sharing a vegetarian version using chickpeas instead. The procedure of roasting all the ingredients before grinding them , brings out the flavor, making this dish truly wonderful. This is one of my favorite Goan dishes, which immediately transports me to a time that reminds me of fun gatherings, at parties or weddings with family and friends. Continue reading →

Goan chonya ros ( Goan chickpea curry/ chole masala)


Chole masala, is another popular and much loved Punjabi dish, mostly accompanied with bhaturas . As much as I love the Punjabi version, I’ve learnt another way of making it ( Goan version  ) from my mum in law. I’ll say I’m a little biased to my mum in law’s recipe because I love the flavors. She has developed this recipe over the years,  which is loved and relished by the entire family. Chonya means dried  yellow/green peas in Konkani , since I don’t find them here , I’ve used chickpeas, which works well too .  A masala blend of 5 simple ingredients , that is sauteed with mustard seeds, curry leaves and tomatoes results in an aromatic and delectable dish. Continue reading →

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