Hot and sour vegetable soup



As the temperatures drop, one really craves warm and comforting food! What better than a bowl of piping hot soup?? Nothing else shouts comfort than this age old remedy. Today I’m sharing one of my many favorite soup recipe- Hot and sour soup, which is yet another classic and much loved Indo- Chinese soup by one and all!

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Sweet corn vegetable soup


Hi guys !

I would like to wish all my readers and everyone out there a Happy Onam, the harvest festival celebrated in Kerala, India! Today I’d like to share another simple and quick Indo Chinese dish !

 Sweet corn soup is a thick, creamy, delicious and comforting Indo-Chinese soup, enjoyed by adults and children alike. As the name suggests, it is on the sweeter side , and hence mostly served with accompaniments like chilly vinegar ( which is nothing but chopped spicy chillies marinated in vinegar), soy sauce and chilly sauce. There are so many variations of this soup, like the inclusion of chicken, crabs and in this case, lots of veggies. You can even throw in a beaten egg when the soup is boiling towards the end. Continue reading →

Pumpkin and coconut milk soup


This hearty and comforting soup, infused with spices and coconut milk is perfect for Autumn. It’s not only filling, but equally  delectable as well. I absolutely love using coconut , either fresh or the milk in my day to day cooking. It’s quite common in the Goan cuisine, in fact it’s an important ingredient for most curry bases. The inclusion of pumpkin pie spice in this soup is almost reminiscent of a pumpkin pie 🙂 Continue reading →

Rainbow carrot salad with honey lemon dressing


I’m not a salad person really, but do have it occasionally. Now I didn’t know about rainbow carrots until I saw these as an ingredient in the chopped basket, the show ‘ Chopped’ that airs on Food network ( I love that show). Continue reading →

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