Soy and spinach croquettes


Hello folks!

I’m back with another healthy, vegan & kid-friendly snack recipe – Soy and spinach croquettes! I had this large box of organic spinach that I got from Costco, I used it at least three times and yet I had about 2 cups remaining. I thought I would experiment with it in the form of croquettes. To add some volume and health quotient  to it, I added Soy granules/TVP. It made for a very interesting combination, they were moist and delicate on the inside, delicious from all the seasonings with a crisp exterior, basically everything you wish for in a deep fried snack 😀 Continue reading →

Schezwan /Sichuan baby potatoes (dry version)


Schezwan potatoes is a delicious, hot and tangy Indo Chinese dish. Like most Indo Chinese dishes, it hardly takes much time for this dish to come together. Prepping up your ingredients is the key! Here, boiled and fried baby potatoes are tossed in a schezwan sauce base and of course much easier if you have the sauce already which is the main ingredient here. I love to prepare this schezwan sauce in a big batch and store it, when I run out of ideas or I want quick meals, this is a life saver. I highly recommend you have one in your pantry, or if you’re too lazy to make your own , go ahead and get a good quality store bought one 🙂 Continue reading →

Jalapeno shooters


Jalapeño shooters or jalapeno poppers, what’s in a name, eh? This spicy and cheesy delight  is an absolute treat if spicy food pleases your palate. I first had these at Longhorn steakhouse, and thought it was so much like an Indian pakora ( fritters) and oh so yum! Most Indian fritters are coated with a chickpea batter though!  I was mighty impressed with the way it way presented. That inspired me to shoot some of my pictures in a similar manner. Continue reading →

Corn & paneer kebabs


I absolutely love kebabs/ croquettes as an appetizer. Also it is a great finger food for kids and adults alike.

My original plan was to make only corn kebabs like I do usually. But I happened to have some paneer , so thought of incorporating it too. These corn and paneer kebabs turned out extremely delicious , even better than the normal corn kebabs. This mixture actually mimics a non vegetarian kebab mixture, Seriously you wouldn’t know that these are vegetarian.Crisp exterior and succulent on the inside, this kebab is  truly a foodie’s delight! Do give them a try! 🙂 Continue reading →

Veg chilli cheese toast



Chilli cheese toast is a quick and delicious Indian snack! Spicy and cheesy….simply yum! It’s not to be confused with the chilli you get here in the US. It’s a simple, open faced toast with cheese and lots of spicy green chillies. Well it’s not the healthiest snack out there, but its alright to indulge in junk food once in a while, no? I just added colored bell peppers and corn to make this a little colorful :p Continue reading →

Dahi ( yogurt) kebab


Dahi kebabs! Yes you heard it right ! Yogurt is the main ingredient used to make these delightful Awadhi delicacy ! These kebabs are crisp on the outside and just melt in the mouth , simply delicious ! Continue reading →

Cheesy beetroot croquettes


These beetroot croquettes were just an experiment , But I absolutely loved the end result. So deemed it worthy to be shared. Anything fried makes life good now, isn’t it ? But what if we can enjoy the same treats with very little oil ? Here is where I use my ‘miracle’ pan – ebelskiver.  Continue reading →

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