Chicken cafreal

Galinha cafreal aka Chicken cafreal, is a Portuguese influenced dish popular in the Goan cuisine! No festive occasion is complete without cafreal on the menu along with the popular sorpotel, vindalho’s, xacuti and the likes. But who really needs an occasion to indulge on some cafreal? I prepare it quite frequently, mostly for our Sunday meals, coz weekend meals are meant to be special, at least that is what I remember since my childhood. Pulao, biryani’s and rich curries were mostly reserved for Sunday’s! Continue reading →

Mackerel croquettes


Croquettes and kebabs top my list when it comes to appetizers/finger foods. Like these mackerel croquettes which I happen to love a lot! Unfortunately we do no get good, fresh mackerels here unlike we do in Mumbai and Goa. So whenever I crave for these, I make do with the canned mackerels. So I always have a can or two in my pantry. I, sometimes also make these fish croquettes with fresh salmon/ tuna. Those are delicious as well.

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Goan sannas and chunachi/godachem sannas- Steamed rice cakes( plain and sweet version)



Sannas are spongy steamed rice cakes. It is made from a batter consisting of ground Goan red rice and freshly grated coconut. The rice and coconut are ground using toddy (fermented coconut water). The batter is then fermented and steamed. Sannas are a popular accompaniment for sorpotel, xacuti and other meat gravies. They are slightly sweet and hence pair perfectly with these fiery and tangy gravies. Continue reading →

Goan Forminhas ( Savory stuffed canapés)


Forminhas, a kind of an hors d’oeuvre is mostly served as an appetizer at most Goan weddings and other parties. It’s nothing but a canapé topped with some deliciousness. I had almost forgotten about this until I came across Nandini’s post few months ago as it’s been a while I last attended any wedding in Goa. During my visit to Mumbai, whilst having a casual conversation, rather more of a food discussion with my mum in law, I learnt that she’s made this several times for parties etc. It actually is a pretty simple, delicious and quick appetizer to assemble. Continue reading →

Recheado chicken drumsticks

chicken drumsticks

Howdy guys !

I’m back after another mini vacation from Goa! It was more of a hectic vacation, meeting relatives and shopping for all the spices and other foodstuff to carry back home.

Since I’m back from Goa, it’s only apt I share something from the region – Rechaedo chicken drumsticks. Although Recheado is mostly used as a marinade for fish and other sea food in Goa, I learnt about using it for poultry from my mum in law. And let me tell you, it complements chicken very well too, especially if the marinade is left overnight. I’ve already shared the recipe of Recheado masala earlier, in case you missed it, you can find it here🙂 Continue reading →

Healthy, kid friendly chicken croquettes

Who doesn’t like deep fried stuff ? I guess we all do ! It’s the kind of food I believe I can indulge in once in a blue moon. Continue reading →

Shrimp/Prawn Potato chops


Potato chops are savory potato patty stuffed with seasoned meat.These are served as appetizers or even as side to a main course in most Goan weddings, parties and festivities. Minced beef is usually the filling of choice when it comes to potato chops, but you can use any other fillings of choice too, such as chicken , shrimps/ prawns etc . For a vegetarian version, the filling can be made of soya or mixed vegetables, there are tonnes of options to customize it as per your taste. The potato stuffed patty is then dipped in beaten egg and coated with semolina, for a crisp exterior and then fried. Instead of semolina , I used whole wheat Japanese panko breadcrumbs, I love it’s light and crunchy coating, also it tends to stay crispier for a longer time! Continue reading →

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