Methi Matar Malai Paneer


Wishing all my reader’s a Happy and prosperous New Year! Hope everyone had a fabulous and fun filled day đŸ™‚

I’d like to share yet another of my favorite North Indian dishes- Methi matar malai, with the addition of paneer here. Like most North Indian dishes this one doesn’t fall short of all the rich ingredients as well. Loads of cream is what makes this dish so rich, but the interesting part is the use of fenugreek leaves. It’s such a well balanced dish despite all it’s glorious, nutty richness. The fenugreek leaves add a distinct bitterness yet palatable flavor, one that is truly addictive and makes this dish so unique. Then there is the sweetness from the green peas which also makes for a great textural element in this ultra creamy dish! The addition of mava/khoya makes it even more luxurious.

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Goan fish jeerem meerem (cumin-pepper) curry



Hi guys! Sharing a very traditional yet delicious dish from the Goan cuisine. Jeerem meerem is basically pronounced as ‘jeerey-meerey’, the m is silent. ‘Jeerem’ means cumin seeds and ‘meerem’ means pepper in Konkani. So as the name suggests, the dish consists of meat/ seafood cooked in a paste prepared of cumin and peppercorns along with a few other spices. The peppercorns and green chillies lend the required heat to this dish, which is well balanced with the tomatoes, tamarind and vinegar. Coconuts form an integral part of most Goan curries, but this dish doesn’t use coconuts, it is not a very thick gravy, which pairs excellent with plain steamed rice or even bread. Continue reading →

Rajasthan Laal Maas ( Red Mutton/ lamb curry)


Coming to my second post of Lina’s North Indian curry challenge, I’m sharing Rajasthani laal Maas. I think the North Indian cuisine is not only popular in India , but is pretty well known all over the world ! Yes I’m talking about the much known butter chicken , tandoori chicken , chicken tikka , Palak paneer and so on ! But it’s been interesting to learn about this particular dish that I present today! Continue reading →

Nargisi kofta curry


Hello everyone! I hope everyone had a lovely Easter đŸ™‚

Coming to today’s post, it’s yet another challenge post for the month of March. This month  Lina challenged us with some North Indian curries. I happily picked 2 out of the lot, because this is one cuisine that I absolutely love and relish. Thanks so much Lina, for coming up with these challenges for us! They have been amazing, I’ve enjoyed reading and meeting new bloggers! Continue reading →

Chicken Tandoori


This Classic Indian dish needs no introduction, it’s as popular and loved all over the world as much as it is in India.

This juicy, succulent , delicious chicken , is a result of a wonderful marinade of yogurt and spices that is cooked in a traditional tandoor.

Here’s an interesting read regarding the history of Tandoori chicken,

Tandoor cooked chicken actually dates back to the Mughal peroid. This delicacy was a main course of the enormous Indian feasts of that day. Other stories of its origins have arisen, such as the one below:
A man named Kundan Lal Gujral ran a restaurant called Moti Mahal in Peshawar before the partition of India. Trying out new recipes to keep his patrons interested, Gujral tried cooking chicken in tandoors (clay ovens) used by locals until then to cook naans (bread). The tandoors are bell-shaped ovens, set into the earth and fired with wood or charcoal reaching temperatures of about 900 degrees. Gujral was able to cook the tender chickens in these ovens making them succulent inside and crispy outside. Continue reading →

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