Kesar pedas (Saffron infused Indian milk fudge)


Pedas are basically an Indian milk fudge, prepared from mava/khoya ( milk solids) and sugar, mostly flavored with cardamom. There are so many different kind of pedas such as malai peda, chocolate peda, mango peda, mawa peda, Mathura peda so forth and so on. Basically you can add your own flavors and make your own unique flavored peda. Continue reading →

No-cook kesar pista kulfi ( Saffron pistachio Indian ice cream)


Kulfi is basically a rich and creamy, traditional Indian ice cream. It is prepared by evaporating sweetened milk, with continuous stirring until the milk is reduced to almost half its quantity. During this laborious process, the sugars caramelize which give kulfi it’s distinct taste. The thickened milk is then poured into kulhars ( kulfi molds ) and placed in an ice + salt mixture, which facilitate the freezing of kulfi’s. Kulfi’s are available in all sorts of flavors – saffron, pistachios, rose, almond, custard apple, mango etc. Well, I love all of them 🙂 Continue reading →

Badam pista burfi ( Almond and pistachio fudge)


Hello folks!

Sharing with you guys a super simple dessert recipe! Traditionally most Indian sweets use mawa / khoya be it in burfi’s , peda’s etc. Now again, mawa is not easy to find here, so I tried making these with condensed milk instead. The coarse almond and pistachio powder give a lovely texture almost similar to the authentic Indian burfi/fudge, perfect for preparing these for Diwali – the festival Of lights. Continue reading →

Fruit custard and jelly


I have such fond memories of this dessert! This dessert was a regular affair at my place, my mom made this mostly on Sunday’s to treat us something sweet after a scrumptious meal 🙂 My sister was never fond of custard, and so I always had her share !! Continue reading →

Aamrakhand ( mango shrikhand )


Aamrakhand , a variant of Shrikhand the popular dessert in the Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisine , is nothing but an inclusion of mango pulp to shrikhand ( Aam-Hindi for mango ). Continue reading →

Instant Shahi Rabdi


Shahi Rabdi is a rich, creamy , thickened, sweetened milk dessert, popular in North India. Ideally it is made by the continuous simmering and reducing of milk in wide thick bottomed pan,whilst collecting the layers of cream which form at the sides of the pan. Now this process can take at least 2 hours, depending on the quantity of milk, which is quite laborious. (I’ve still got to try this method.) Continue reading →

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