Pao (unsweetened dinner rolls)

I never imagined I would be baking breads at home. But then as you know things happen and you end up really surprising yourself by doing things you never dreamt about doing in the first place. As intimidating as baking breads seem, it really isn’t, once you get past that initial fear ! I still consider myself an amateur in this area, and still have a long way to go ! The different kinds of flour, bakers percentage, hydration , bulk ferment, sourdough, artisan, Polish, biga to name a few are words that I’ve probably never ever came across before ! Now I know the words, but still have to know how to work with a couple of them. I have tried my hands at sourdough and I hope to do a post on that in the coming months too 🙂 For today let’s see how to make these basic dinner rolls/ladi pav/pao.

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Hello everyone!

Continuing with the Lina‘s cake challenge for the month of February, this is my second submission- Kugelhopf! The judges for this month’s fabulous challenge are Suzanne and Jhuls.

Kugelhopf also known as Gugelhupf, Guglhupf or Gugelhopf is a Southern German, Austrian, Swiss and Alsation marble cake or Bundt cake .Gugel- is supposedly a variation of the Midle high German gugel(‘hood’), while -hupf is a variation of Hefe (‘yeast’).It is said that the -hupf part comes from the German word hĂĽpfen (to jump), as the yeast dough literally “jumps out of” the cake pan. ( Source- wiki) Continue reading →

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