Coconut chutney for Idli & Dosa’s

Sharing a quick & easy chutney recipe for idli & dosa’s! This one is a basic coconut chutney that is chock full of flavors, and one without which Idli’s would be rather bland. The trio of Sambhar, coconut chutney & idli is like a trinity of a perfect South Indian breakfast. Some people also like podi powder drizzled with coconut oil on their Idli’s.

Very few ingredients go into making this chutney. Again there are many variations to this simple chutney from region to region. Sharing the way I’ve learnt from my friend Malathi. We love ย this lightly spiced chutney with a hint of sourness, it pairs well with Idli’s !

I will be off blogging for a little while. Will be back sooner with some news to share and hope to catch up on all your posts ๐Ÿ™‚ Till then, take care and be well!

Ingredients: Measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml , 1 teaspoon = 5 ml

1 Cup freshly grated coconut

1/2 inch ginger

1 green chilli, or more as per desired heat

1 tablespoonย ural dal, dry roasted until golden brown

2 tablespoon yogurt or gooseberry sized ball of tamarind

Salt to taste

To temper:

1 teaspoon mustard seeds

1/2 teaspoon urad dal

A sprig of curry leaves

2-3 red chillies

pinch of asafoetida (hing)


1. Dry roast the urad dal on medium low heat until golden brown.


2.ย Grind all the ingredients using little water at a time, until you get a smooth paste. I used about 1/2 cup water. If you are using yogurt add it after blending all the ingredients to a smooth paste & mix well.


2. For the tempering, heat oil in a pan, add mustard seeds, once they splutter add, urad dal, when it turns golden brown, add curry leaves, red chillies and asafoetida. When the curry leaves become crisp, pour the tempering over the prepared coconut paste. Enjoy with idlis/dosas. Since fresh coconut is used , it is best to consume it with 1-2 days. Store it in the refrigerator.



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